A Quick Trip to Washington DC

Mmeghan and I recently got to take a trip to Washington DC and we LOVE IT there! I am fortunate enough to have a job where I get to travel, which mainly happens because my boss is a firm believer that relationships are essential to good business (and I do too, I am just not [...]

Jeremiah teaching Nate to use power tools

She swam the whole lap without stopping! The coach gave her an A for effort and not quitting! She’s officially a Manteca Dolphin Way to go Gracie!


I had a rather ugly moment today.   Actually it was several.   When I picked Nathan up from school today, he asked if we could go for a walk to the park so he could ride his bike.  After (genuinely) patiently explaining to my son that we could drive to a park or just [...]

You should speed up Mom. Are you even going the speed lemon?
Nathan on the way to the dentist

The Great Outdoors

There was a time in my life where I often contemplated the idea of how to live off the land, roaming the forrest, hunting and gathering just as man had to do before all the luxuries we take for granted now days existed. These feelings usually came out around spring. As the weather warms up [...]

Gracie just kicked me in the PEANUTS!!

A Girl With A Purpose

I joined Manteca’s Biggest Loser (again) today. At this moment, I weigh more than I have in my whole life, including right before I delivered the almost 11 pound kid. I weigh 100 pounds MORE than when I graduated from high school, that’s like 10 pounds per year. Yikes. My health is at risk and [...]


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The Adjustment Bureau

Going into the new year, I already new it was going to be a year full of life changing events.   In the days leading up to the wedding, I was calm, cool, and collected. Everything was going as expected at this point. The wedding itself went off without a hitch. We were so blessed [...]